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    Uniformity encourages Conformity

    School Uniform is compulsory at Hardacre Hall. It makes our girls clearly identifiable whenever they are out of the school, and inside the school it assists in the maintenance of good order. When every pupil is dressed alike, the Sins of Vanity and Pride are discouraged, and each and every girl is guided toward the understanding that she is part of a large institution and her personal wishes and selfish needs are of no consequence.

    Many other schools have made the mistake of "modernising" their Uniform Regulations. We feel this has contributed in no small part to the decline in Moral Standards in our nation.

    At Hardacre Hall, we continue to specify the uniform that has stood the school in good stead since the Great War. Some may consider the uniform to be heavy, cumbersome, restrictive, and repressive, but those are the very qualities we seek in our school dress code. These factors will discourage showing off and loud behaviour. The school hat with its hatband proclaiming our mission "Punishment - Reform - Education" is a constant reminder to passers-by that there still exists an institution prepared to provide discipline to wayward girls, and this in itself will improve the attitude of even non-Hardacre Hall girls.
    We never forget that among our pupils are many girls with an unfortunate propensity to Lust. We have a number of male staff, and when they see their classroom full of girls in shapeless, sexless, baggy, gymslips, then they are better able to avoid the distractions that might occur from the proximity of several dozen persons of the feminine gender, and instead they can concentrate more fully upon the task of delivering education to a high standard.

    Similarly, outside the school, it is our duty to protect the girls, especially from their own and others Lust. There is always the danger that a girl might be accosted by a boy from Hardacre End, and the uniform acts as a singularly successful deterrent to Lust. Indeed, there have been almost no recorded examples of a boy getting a hand past the stout leg-elastics of the Hardacre school knicker.

    Pupils are required to wear their uniforms at all times during the week, from getting up to going to bed, including weekends. On Saturday and Sunday afternoons the School permits the pupils to wear more relaxed forms of dress, provided both that the attire is within the School's Dress Code, and that the School is not participating in any kind of official event or function. We have found that this slight relaxation is very useful in making the girls even more keenly aware of the restrictiveness of their uniforms when they return to them on Monday mornings.
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    The girls are required to take care of their uniforms, and their first task upon arrival at the School is to sew a Cash's name label inside every single item of their clothing. All pupils will undertake a share of Domestic Duties inside the Laundry.

    The School Uniform should be worn in a manner of pride and suffering, and there are regular inspections by the Teachers, of both underwear and outwerwear. Any untidiness or damage to a girls' uniform will be severely punished, even should this not be directly her fault, e.g. laundry damage, which should have been reported to the Housekeeper.

    In the illustration on the left we see a junior pupil who, after a severe hand-tawsing, has allowed her pen to shake and drop ink on the hem of her gymslip. She has also permitted her school knickers to be seen. These offences will probably merit a visit to the Headmistress.

    The Church Trust encourages all parents to ensure that even when at home their daughters are dressed in the properly ladylike and traditional manner appropriate to a submissive daughter.

    The School hosts the Acme Uniform Manufacturing Company Collection of photographic images of Schoolgirls, and this is available for the instruction and amusement of Teachers and Parents.

    Visitors are welcome to browse among this collection, and donations of additional material are always welcome. Please contact the headmistress@hardacrehall.com .

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