All our Whipping Canes are made from the finest rattan imported from Malaya and Singapore. They are made to the highest standards at the Rosedale Abbey workshops of The Order of The Sisters of Mercy Home for Girls Taken In Sin. Every finished Cane is individually inspected by the Workshop Supervisor.

Our experienced Quality Control Manager insists on the highest standards.

All Imperial Canes have that indefinable combination of density and suppleness, that almost fluid quality which gives the penetrating sting all of us recall who were ever caned at school or over a governess's desk, and which made a good caning the most respected of all punishments.

Our aim is to make genuine school canes available for mistresses in private schools, for governesses, office supervisors and for the maintenance of domestic discipline in an age when children, young people, employees, maids and sometimes even spouses are more in need of firm guidance than ever before.

What is it that differentiates a good cane from a mediocre one? The answer is quite obvious when one considers it: the quality of the cane itself. There are several hundred varieties of rattan, only a few of which are well suited to the manufacture of corrective implements.

Our canes are made of the finest and most flexible rattan, traditionally used for the making of school canes. Senior and junior canes are not simply different thicknesses of the same rattan, but are different rattans selected for greater and less severity. Other canes are likewise selected for their suitability to their particular purposes. We also have a limited quantity of a very special rattan used in the manufacture of "Victorian"-style canes.

In point of fact, this "Victorian" rattan is no longer commercially grown, but is gathered "wild" by the natives in Malaya. When enough is gathered to make a bale it is shipped to the West for the benefit of a select group of discerning buyers. The Imperial Company acquired the bulk of the most recent bale to arrive in the West. The bale before that came some fifteen years ago, and no one knows when or whether the next will arrive. Hence the high price of these treasured Victorian canes.

The Junior School Cane

This is the cane recommended for general use in junior schools. It is a light grade of rattan, but very strong, flexible and whippy. This is not a severe implement, but it nonetheless imparts a memorable sting. Although primarily intended for the younger child, it may be employed upon older children and adults with excellent effect, and, indeed, where an adult is subject to very occasional corporal punishment, a cane of this type is entirely adequate to give the sharp, painful lesson that is required. An ideal Home Cane where light to moderate discipline is the rule.

The Standard School Cane

This cane is recommended for use in every school and office. The very thought of it, underlined by its occasional use, is ideal for keeping the young secretary in trim. Also for excellent for nurses, "undergraduettes" and for use in ladies' finishing schools. This is a cane of the same grade as the Junior School cane, but longer and a little heavier. It is a very elegant implement: the "long, slender cane" that one sometimes reads about. Although relatively light, the sting of this cane should not be underestimated. It can be used very effectively over a tight skirt, and an appointment with the Standard Cane will not quickly be forgotten.

The Senior School Cane

Made from a denser grade of rattan than the preceding canes, as well as being longer and thicker, this is a serious instrument of correction. It has a full-blooded, penetrating sting which must be felt to be fully appreciated. "Six of the best" with a real school cane such as this one is a punishment to be dreaded.

The senior school cane is shown left. Note the extreme flexibility even in a thicker cane such as this one. The light colour contrasts markedly with the dark burnished brown of the Victorian canes.

The Reform Cane

All the above canes are made from high-quality rattan. We are, however, also able to offer our customers something very special: Reform Canes of the "Victorian" quality mentioned above. These are the real, old-fashioned disciplinary canes, dark brown in colour (rather than the usual beige-to-yellowish hues), hard in texture, looking almost like an extremely slender walking-stick, yet of an extraordinary flexibility. While a cane of this type may be neither thicker nor longer than a standard school cane, it is harder and heavier, and is an implement of considerably greater severity. This is the cane which made the Victorian governess a figure to be instantly obeyed.

The Reform Cane is 34" long and though slender is an implement of the utmost severity. It must only be used under medical supervision and with the victim securely fastened to prevent damage. This Cane must be used only by well-trained disciplinarians upon well-fleshed parts of the victim's body. This means that its use is confined to approved institutions such as Reform Schools and Borstals, and we regret that we cannot supply this cane for domestic use.

NOTE: All our Whipping Canes have the traditional crook handle.

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